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Jun 27, 2020 · Below are some of the ray-tracing features you’d find in Cyberpunk 2077 at launch: • Ray-traced ambient occlusion – Ambient occlusion is shading and rendering technique used to calculate how exposed each point in a scene is to ambient lighting, which results in the rendering of new AO shadows that ground objects and can darken game elements.
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SKYBOX is the ultimate VR player with powerful features and elegant interfaces. It supports any every video formats, of any video type (2D, 3D, 180°, 360°) and in any order (SBS and TB).
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Sep 04, 2014 · Further reading: Oculus, Oculus Rift Dek Kit 2, Rift, VR, VR Headset, Virtual Reality Gopal Sathe Email Gopal Gopal Sathe is the Editor of Gadgets 360. He has covered technology for 15 years.
Sep 09, 2020 · Missing parts button-handy button that shows any pieces you are missing and clicking them takes you to the shop listing for said parts. Warehouse-in game shop for parts covering-complete engines, engine, pipes, gearbox, drive train, exhaust, suspension, steering, brakes, rims, tires, car body, interior, and other. ALL-IN-ONE VR. OCULUS RIFT S. PC VR GAMING. ACCESSORIES. UPGRADE YOUR VR. COMPARE HEADSETS. APPS & GAMES SUPPORT. Whoops! It looks like you are lost. Let’s get you ...
Dishonored 2‘s 1.3 patch has just been released on Steam as a beta update.. The patch makes general performance and optimization improvements, adds an option to turn off motion blur, improves ... -----­--- WEBSITE -­---If you feel like helping this channel grow...I was missing that last step. Again, I'm using the Link method with a USB3 cable and NOT the wireless hack referenced above. I can say this: The Link method is utterly fantastic looking for a VR experience. Great visual fidelity - shadows, reflections, etc. Navigating and menu options work great so far... Allows adjusting supersampling for Assetto Corsa only Allow individual view pitch/roll locking, with neck length option for more natural rotation Enables using a motion controller like the Vive wand to use the in-game UI Allows disabling the automatic re-center at startup so the HMD position is remembered between sessions
Nov 02, 2020 · Missing or Corrupted STRING Files. On some rare occasions, Skyrim's STRING files will either go missing or become corrupt. The STRING files contain text for the game, and is generally what you see when looking at item names, quest descriptions, subtitles, etc. There are two options to fix the missing or corrupted STRING files. Verify the game ... For me in steam VR, video, on the home setting, 50 % is 2240 x 2192. I have 100% on the per app tab which is the same res as on the home tab. What about the steam VR general tab, what do you have that set at please? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Nov 22, 2020 · If your interested in VR gaming more generally then the Index is a good option also it uses satelites for tracking, so base stations external to the headset placed around your room as opposed to the G2's inside out tracking, which means the headset has an array of cameras built into it looking outward.
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