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A matching-to-sample procedure that engenders observation of two elements of a complex sample stimulus may establish equivalence relations among those elements. Studies that focus on complex...
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A control unit controls application of a neural stimulus as defined by a set of parameter values and measures via measurement circuitry an evoked neural compound action potential response. The control unit determines from the measured evoked response a feedback variable, and compares it to a therapy map.
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Autistic and typical children mastered a simultaneous discrimination task with three sets of all-tactile compound stimuli. During training, responding to one stimulus (S+) resulted in rewards whereas responding to the alternative (S−) was extinguishe… In the present investigation, 5-MeO-DMT-induced stimulus control was established in wild-type and Tg-CYP2D6 mice. The two groups did not differ in their rate of acquisition of stimulus control. When tested with bufotenine, no 5-MeO-DMT-appropriate responding was observed. English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. stimulus uyandırıcı stimulus generalization uyarıyı genelleştirme
In any case, the most effective stimulus policy is doing whatever it takes to get some control over the virus’s trajectory. Right now, much of the economy has stopped, and people are simply ... with reinforcement acquired stimulus control over their behavior; this confirms the extensive literature on visual discriminative learning in bees, but due to the small number of subjects it is premature to say that bees do not develop RSC. Keywords: discriminative learning, compound stimuli, restricted stimulus control, preschool children, bees.
as a type of multiple control where ‘‘the nature or extent of operant control by a stimulus condition depends on some other stimulus condition’’ (p. 64). That is, one discriminative stimulus (S. D) alters the evoc­ ative effect of a second stimulus in the same antecedent event (or vice versa), and they In each case the event itself consists of a scary stimulus (one of our many ‘things’) followed by a response from the dog. Remember the scariness of the stimulus is not defined by the stimulus, it is defined by the fact that it provokes a fearful reaction in the dog. We’ve already looked briefly at the potential stimuli.
Stimulus Control of Behavior Identification and Measurement of Stimulus Control • Differential Responding and Stimulus discrimination o Differential responding: the stimulus control of instrumental behavior is demonstrated by variations in responding related to variations in stimuli o If an organism responds one way in the presence of one stimulus and in a different way in the presence of ...
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